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Imaging Technology
Ultrasound has become extremely popular for not just diagnostic imaging, but now is being routinely used for needle guidance. Various nerve blocks, intra-articular injections, trigger point and muscular injections are now being done under ultrasound guidance.

  • Ultrasonography can improve the diagnosis, accuracy and ultimate effectiveness of Injection Therapy.
  • Ultrasonography-guided injection is to be considered when previous anatomically guided injection has failed.

Logio Musculoskeletal Ultrasound
We can diagnose, treat and monitor diseases and injuries overtime. This helps provide improved care for patients.

A variety of premium technologies helps manage the complexities of musculoskeletal ultrasound including dynamic and deep imaging, as well as guided therapeutic injections and aspirations. Our patients are on the right treatment plan with this technology.

Exquisite image quality to help evaluate all tissue structures of the musculoskeletal system.


  • A powerful processor provides smooth, clear imaging to reflect real-time anatomical or probe motion. It gives you the ability to add color mode, while maintaining gray scale image quality.
  • Exclusive B-Steer+ technology enhances needle visualization.
  • Operator sees the needle tip clearly—without specialized needles or extra equipment.
  • Operator easily track the needle at various angles and depths, for more precise placement.